PRO-Vend 2000/2500

PRO-Vend 2000/2500

Category: Autogas Refueling Dispensers Vendor: Superior Energy Systems

The PRO-Vend 2000/2500 is our most advanced dispenser. The state-of-the-art unit is a fully integrated, customizable web-based propane autogas fuel dispenser that operates from a built-in, Windows-based PC. The unit tracks key data like driver and vehicle identification, vehicle mileage, and gallons pumped for a virtually unlimited number of vehicles, drivers and customers. You can create customizable reports without the need to purchase and install separate technology. The self-contained touch screen system features a built-in, high resolution fueling video monitor, ideal for driver training and friendly fueling reminders. Fueling is as easy as swiping a key fob or entering a credit card or access number into the touch screen and picking up the zero-emission fuel nozzle.


Software Features:

  • User selectable predefined prompts up to 32 digits in length or create customized—up to four (4) messages—such as driver ID, vehicle ID, odometer
  • HID proximity key–fob reader
  • Adjustable programming parameters through cloud-based system in real time
  • View pump transactions in real time
  • User four (4) digit pins are generated by the system for secure access to only authorized users
  • Software updates are provided automatically to all pumps in the system through cloud based or directly to your VPN



  • Internal embedded Windows 7 with Intel ATOM Dual Core Processor
  • Internal memory allows tracking of unlimited number of proximity fobs or cards.
  • No on-site configuration required; system is shipped with current software and pre-programmed to customer needs.
  • Transaction data is stored on the cloud in real time and in the event of a communication failure, data is stored in the system PC. When communication is reestablished, data is sent to the cloud automatically.
  • Menu configurations and upgrades take place through the cloud.


Unit Certifications:

  • National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) certified by the National Conference of Weights and Measures
  • Measurement Canada approved to Weights and Measures Act, article 193
  • Approved to UL Standard 495
  • Approved to Canadian Standard CAN1-12.4



  • Transaction receipt printer
  • Additional key fobs
  • Credit card reader
  • Additional tank and skid packages
  • High-pressure pumping systems
  • Hose retractor
  • PRO-Vend 2500 (dual hose)
  • Training videos

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