GEC Dispenser - Ready Fill 2

GEC Dispenser - Ready Fill 2

Product ID: CHS0002 Vendor: GEC

The Ready-Fill 2 is our best-selling dispenser and offers dual delivery hoses allowing for filling of recreational vehicles, forklift cylinder filling, and other cylinder filling applications for roofers, builders, and lawn service companies in addition to Autogas applications. Constructed with Aluminum diamond plate panels the cabinet is suitable for all climates, is lightweight, and easy to keep looking great. It is rust resistant and long-lasting. Mid-level price point allows you to upgrade infrastructure to Autogas capable while still being able to offer traditional bottle filling with complete package to include all necessary components needed to begin fueling. Dispenser unit is available with tank and skid upgrade to provide a plug-and-play package.

Shown with optional 1000-gallon skid package.

Complete Dispensing Systems

Gas Equipment Company’s PDS (Propane Dispensing System) is a total package, consisting of all interconnecting piping for pump inlet, bypass, vapor balance and rigid conduit for electrical. This Autogas dispensing system is available in 1000 WG and 1990 WG capacity design and can be customized to include one or multiple dispensers.


Tanks manufactured for its intended purpose

  • All connections close to the cabinet
  • Tank design is exclusive to Gas Equipment Co. and is purpose built for Autogas dispensers
  • Cuts down on distances and potential leak points
  • Container filling connections located on head of the container to remove the need for step ladders to fill

Filtration System

  • Inline filtration with 5 micron element
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 1000 psi
  • Rated Fatigue pressure 800 psi
  • Aluminum body and head design offer low weight compact design
  • Visual indicator light for easy indication of need for element change


  • 350 psig WP; 1750 psig burst
  • Perforated (will not burst)
  • Pressure tested by manufacturer at 120% of WP
  • UL listed by manufacturer
  • NFPA 58 requirement
  • Available length of up to 15 feet
  • Breakaway valve separates at approximately 65 pounds force with easy reconnection under pressure


Gas Guard—Low emission

  • 1¾" ACME Ellaflex—Ultra low emission
  • K15 Euro connection Ellaflex


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