Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



  1. Why can’t I see prices?

If you cannot see prices, you will need to follow the steps to register for myCHS access first, then E-Commerce access.  There are instructions to do this in the following FAQ’s below.


  1. How do I register for access on myCHS?


Go to: http://www.chsinc.com




Log in, or create your account by clicking “Register for MyCHS Access”



  1. How do I register for access to the E-Commerce Store?


Once logged in, do you see “Shop Now”?

If yes, proceed to the new online store

If no, click on “My Profile” in the upper right portion of your screen




Register for access by clicking “Propane Equipment”, and “Next”


If the “Propane Equipment” box is already checked, contact us at 800-852- 8186, ext. 7729 to complete your account set-up


  1. What is the CHS Catalog?

The CHS Catalog contains products such as cylinders, tanks and monitors from vendors such as Wesroc, Trinity, Quality Steel, Manchester, First Alert, Flame King and Centeron.


  1. What are featured products?

On the landing page, if you scroll down there is a featured products section.  These are the products from each vendor that are searched and purchased most frequently.


  1. What is the best way to find a specific product?

Searching within a vendor is the easiest way to find a product.  Each vendor can be broken down into general categories and then further into specific categories. 


  1. How does the search feature work?

When you use the search option, it uses the keyword(s) that you enter and searches within the product descriptions of every product on our site.  This function will accept *wildcards* if you only enter in a portion of the product’s name or description.  The search bar is located in the top right corner of the landing page.


  1. How do I change the shipping address?

When it comes time to select your shipping address, you have the option to modify the “Ship To” field if you need to change it. 


  1. Are freight and tax applied to my order?

No, they are excluded from the order’s total but will they will be incurred later if they apply.


  • Can I use the site on my tablet or phone?

Yes, the site can be accessed on mobile devices.


  • How can I become notified of future promotions?

Check our website frequently for updates on the latest promotions offered through our store. Sign up to receive email blasts from Propane.EquipmentFax2@chsinc.com



  • Who can I contact if I am having trouble navigating the site?

Feel free to send any questions, concerns or feedback you have to Propane.EquipmentFax2@chsinc.com or call CHS energy equipment at 800-852-8186, press 1 with questions or to register for account access.